Sometimes perimeter and sometimes gateway, the images often dance with found sculptural forms. By surfing through the memories of architecture and places once travelled the results begin to investigate the penumbral spaces that chance can produce.  Unintentionally these compositions might contain a void or emit a positive that would clarify or abstract the situation. Whether abstract or representational the work references how we pass through different spaces and how that experience is recorded. The mixture between ones own memories and these new images creates an individual narrative in each person’s mind, which again is then filed away for reinterpretation at a later date.

Born in 1986 in Hastings[UK] Matthew went on to study visual communication at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 2008. He currently lives and works in Glasgow and helps to run Govan Project Space which he co-founded in 2017



2019 – Photo London w/ Sid Motion Gallery, May 16-19th, London, UK

2019 - Lust & The Apple, March 29th, Temple, Edinburgh


2018 – BAD IDEA, A-Dash - Athens, Greece

2018 – A Romance of Many Dimensions w/ Hannah Hughes & Abigail Hunt, Sid Motion Gallery - London, UK
2018 – We Disappear w/ Jonny Lyons, part of Glasgow International - GPS, UK
2017 – Crane & Gable, Govan Project Space - Glasgow, UK
2016 – BAD IDEA, 249 Govan Road - Glasgow, UK
2015 – BAD IDEA, Adamastor Studios - Lisbon, Portugal
2014 – Here Now, New Documentary Photography - Manchester, UK
2013 - Turquoise Head, The Travelling Gallery - Scotland, UK
2012 – Static State, Summerhall part of Edinburgh Art Festival – Edinburgh, UK
2010 – Static State, Old Motorcycle Club – Bristol, UK
2009 – Square Beard, Old Ambulance Depot – Edinburgh, UK
2007 – Uutus Nyhett – Lahti, Finland


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